I am a coward.

I am a coward.
I say this, not to be self defecating, but as an honest assessment of self.
I am a coward.

I am choosing to tell you this, as my very first act of bravery. The life of a coward is the worst possible life, of that I am convinced.

Sure, there are benefits to being a coward…
Comfort being the most important to me.
You’re seemingly unchanging.
The experiences you have today are seemingly the same as the ones you had yesterday.
People always know what to expect of you.
But there are also cons to being a coward… namely, never getting to excel at anything. You never learn anything new, and you certainly don’t get to experience the greatness called life.
Cowards cower when opportunities show their face.
Cowards don’t ever create real relationship.

Cowards live in fear.
I am a coward.

I believe a person’s reaction to fear is a huge part of what really defines them.

The way I see it there are 3 types of people as far as fear goes:

•There are those that embrace fear. They understand that it’s a thing, accept what they are afraid of, and move on.
•There are those that ignore fear choosing not to see it as a negative or a positive.
•But then, there are the creators. These people will create either incredible or terrible scenarios out of their fear, in their mind. They are the ones that allow fear to run their life.

Fear runs my life. I swear I say the words, “what if” more than I say the words, “God can”, Every. Single. Day.

How sad.

Starting now, I’m making an effort to be brave. To say the things that are really heavy on my heart, without thinking, “what if they stop being my friend?” Or “what if I’m wrong?!”
A real friend will understand and respond with grace, and it’s okay to be wrong.
Starting now, I’m choosing to walk in the favor of the Lord, instead of thinking, “what if I’m not blessed?” Or, “what if He forgets about me?”
Never have the righteous been forsaken.

I will choose to step outside my comfort zone. I will choose to trust the Only King.
I will be as Daniel in the Lion’s den. I will be as David in the field with the Philistines. I will be, like Rahab, and Esther and Ruth. I will trust through my fears, that God has a purpose and a plan for the moment I am in.
When the time comes to be brave I will not stand down for anything.

I am blessed.
I am brave.



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